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U2 are Bigger than the Beatles.

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one step closer wrote:

The Beatles were the 1st big band of the world. U2 is bigger then the Beatles ever were not because they are better. Mainly because of the times we live in and thats just my opinion.



I think you've got it completely backwards. In their time, the Beatles were THE big band. It would've been hard to find a person alive whodidn't own one of their records. Have you seen the footage of when they appeard on Ed Sullivan? They were beyond huge, Lennon was completely right when hesaid they were more popular than Jesus.


Fast forward to our time. There aren't many superstars left anymore. Radio and video have created more one hit wonders than any other time in history. Theinternet has allowed just about anyone to distribute and market their own music. There might not be more bands now, but there are more bands that people areexposed to. In this day and age, it's impossible for any band to ever be as big as the Beatles were. Every band has their niche, every band has theirhaters, and there's a million bands to choose from. The market is literally flooded with new music.


In the 60's you saved up your allowance for a month, camped out in front of the record store, then got home and took the phone off the hook and spun yournew record over and over again until you knew every word and every chord. These days you download a leak of a new album, put it on your iPod, spin it for a dayor so, and then go download something else. While U2 are not a product of this new musical culture, they exist in it, whether we like it or not. They willnever be as big as the Beatles, and it has nothing to do with how much talent either band has. The times have changed, and the music industry has changed withit. We'll never see another band as popular as the Beatles, and even today's best selling artists are only selling a fraction of what the Beatles sold(and still sell).

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The simple way to look at this is in our era...they are OUR MODERN DAY BEATLES....no one can replace them some may argue this and I was one who felt U2 arebigger...but our media age and 30 yrs have allowed U2 to evolve.......to yes the biggest band in the world..

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Ob-la-dih Ob-la-dah...life goes on...

U2 would be the first to admit, I believe, that they are not "bigger" than the Beatles...

For the sake of debate, The Beatles had the advantage of being around first, that certainly helped.

The Beatles, like Bono has quoted before, created the template for them and other aspiring bands to do what they loved to do...make music together...cometogether...right now...over me...wink.gif

Ok, we willhappy.gif ...and football stadiums will definitely up the ante...Ican't wait to be there...thinkin' Chicago, Norman, or Vegas, baby...


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If you measure the size of a band by the number of screaming girls they attract then there is no contest. It's boy band vs man band, to quote Bono.


But if it's judged by how many normal, sane, vaguely intelligent and nice people they attract then it's clearly U2.


Bono vs Lennon - Humanitarian activist and all-round good guy vs Utopian drugged-up dreamer.


Judge them on how good they were, not how prolific...

Take the Beatles' 10 best songs. Then take U2's best 10 songs...


Something along the lines of....


1. One

2. Where The Streets Have No Name

3. New Year's Day

4. Bad

5. With Or Without You

6. Pride

7. I Still Haven't Found...

8. Stay

9. The Unforgettable Fire

10. Sunday Bloody Sunday


Someone else can choose Beatle top 10 - it's all cheesy pop to me.


BTW - I recently went to the Beatles museum in Liverpool, it's good I'd recommend it - expensive though!

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..."vaguely intelligent"...


...I don't know why...that description of yours which included those two words together, just has the tendency to tickle the funny meter...good one onyou, ONE01!






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Vaguely Intelligent choose U2.




I think its a series of Remark where John Lennon once said that " The Beatles are more popular than Jesus Christ"


in a series of perspective, people really flocking the Beatles and even one fan said that She Likes the Beatles more than Jesus Christ.


I think bands are measured up with time, if you asked someone or your Grandmother " Yeah Beatles is our Boyband of that century"


if you ask your mother right now " U2? are they a boyband? " A Quote from Larry Mullen from Letterman Show, " I was asking for "goodlooking" guys and these guys showed up.. LOL"


it means.. U2 could started as a uhh "boy" band. Good looking, Suave like James Bond Guys with funky hairstyle



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How can anyone ask a question like: "is U2 bigger than the Beatles?"


What does that mean? "Bigger"


The Beatles were EASILY not only the most popular but most progressive band of thier day. Sgt. Pepper was a gigantic leap forward in musical creativity. Itlitterally changed the face of music. Nothing in music history had a more profound and swift effect. Not the birth of grunge,not anything since. It was the goddammed moon landing of music. Others musicians started to re-think the way they made music overnight. Sgt Pepper is to rock as Ode to Joy is to classical. Thatwas just one of the Beatles many cutting edge albums. Those 4 boys were a miracilous thing. Teenaged girls fell to the ground like lead wieghts at the sight ofthem everywhere they went. Ultimitaly they become victims of thier own monsterous success.


U2 are the closest thing to happen since. No band has enjoyed such popularity for such a length of time. No band has shown the ability to change creativedirection so many times and remain on top. The only band that could claim greater touring records is The Rolling Stones. All that said maybe U2 will sell morealbums than the Beatles. Maybe they will have a geryatric tour. But to compare the Beatles and U2 is simply............................pointless.


That should ruffle some feathers.

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For me U2 is the greatest rock band ever. That's a lot to say and it need be understood. In having been through the Revolution of Rock and a fan ofnumerous bands, U2 has not only done more musically but spiritually as well. This is one thing no other band can lay claim to. For each various reason known tothem, others may dispute this. When you truly break it down to what happens "With and Without You", the effect U2 has on the soul, outlasts what maybe gotten out of numerous other band.


Whatever the reason would have been, I don't believe I could "Imagine" any other band that would have been asked to perform in Wash. D.C., thispast January. Maybe that's exactly why they were the One(s) asked.



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they're probably bigger at this moment in time, but are they better? and will their legacey have the logevity of the beatles.


i like U2's music more than the beatles, but i don't think they'll out last the beatles in historical legacey. the beatles and elvis were therefirst

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