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Just killing time on a sunday afternoon...


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I just feel guilty at the weekends - as i brought home a set of exams to mark and didn't even open the bag to look at them! But on the other hand I don't get paid to work at the weekend!

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-read the sunday paper and catch up on tall the fascinating stuff going on in the world

-make up some large batched of food for the week, and divide portions up and freeze to use as needed

-clean house

-do laundry

-sew up and missing buttons and tears in clothing, or do some hemming

-call major relatives to touch base and say hello

-take some special time to give yourself a foot treatment, like buffing heels and exfoliating, adding super moisturizing cream and wearing soft cotton sock while the moisture soaks in, or doing filing, and buffing, coloring

-same with fingernails-give special treatment

-hair-give once weekly super moisturizer leave in conditioner and wear a plastic cap for 30 minutes, then rinse

-facial/facial treatments

-take care of plants by re-potting, trimming, watering, adding food sticks, etc...

-write letters and cards to people with special occassions coming up like b-days and anniversaries

-reminise by looking at old photos, scrapbooks, yearbooks, movies, etc...


-needlepoint, knitting, painting, redecorating

-furniture stripping and varninshing, etc...

-pottery work-do you have a potters wheel? does a friend?

-horseback riding


-volunteer work...help a special needs child or at risk teens...visit the eldery, work in a soup kitchen, teach a skill you have in a community center...youll never be bored helping others

-bake bread, muffins, mini loaves of banana nut bread or cranberry orange bread and take to neighboors in a basket

-start a community garden, or donate you extras from a garden to soemone in need

-start a community support group, such as a social group for young people like yourself to get together and go to events or hold your own events/get-togethers once a week

-write to a person in the service, send them a care package

-start an exercise group

-plan a vacation

-catch up on all that reading you anted to do

-mow the lawn, paint the fence, clean the gutters, tile work, cauking, plaster work, house repair

-rollar blading

-sun bathing


-practice your musical instrument/write music/write lyrics

-pray, meditate, read scripture, write poems

-start a fish tank

-teach english to ESL students

-volunteer at the local animal shelter

-learn a new skill

-visit the library

-join a bok club





Im too busy to be bored on a sunday

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[quote name='voxxiegirl wrote:


When about at the endof the year will you be over?

late Dec to mid January. I've decided to try contiki.


Xtraspicy - some fantastic ideas.

Nice time of year and some good new years parties!

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