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Donations to celebrate Adam's birthday and other unsung vital people connected to the band


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glasses.gifwink.gifsmile.gifhappy.gifHi All


As Adam doesn't have a specific charity that we know of and his birthday was forgotten about by this site and it was Brian Eno's birthday on 15th of May I hope you will join me in supporting




in honour of the unsung heroes of the U2 family


P for Paul as in McGuinness (never gets a mention and its his birthday soon)

A for Adam, Ali, Ann, Aislinn, Anton

L for Larry and Lanois

M for Morleigh also Mary and Maureen

S for Steve (as in Lillywhite)


I am donating $10 monthly that way everyone's birthday is honoured, but you can make a one off donation of $10 as well.


Trees need to be planted in places where ecological disasters have just taken place such as Haiti, and China.


Trees are being destroyed almost every second - that's one tree for every human life

If we run out of trees we will run out of air and then we will run out of existence.


We do not know the consequences that the Icelandic volcano will have on crops around the world so it is best that we prepare for the worst by planting more trees.


Thank you for reading I hope you can participate in some way however small.



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