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Bono has emergency surgery. :(

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ps, 50 is a sexy age, back pain doesnt mean your getting old, even I have lower back wear at age 33 so dont think that , obviously you do work hard..Sleep well my friend..xxoolove-heart.jpg

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Get well soon, Bono - how long soon ever is.

I haven't met you -yet- but you feel like my best friend. Take the time you need.

Everyone is waiting for some good news, that you're 'fine' - so to say - and on good way, that you'll recover completely.

Gavin twittered "Rise!" - I'd like to hope that's good news - and more, official to come. That we all can sigh, feel released and your guardian angel was with you.

Get well, Bono. You're in my thoughts and prayers as well as your family.

love xx

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[quote name='barbara1 wrote:



']Its morning here and had to sign in to see if anybody knows anymore news on Paul ??


Hope and praying everything is a success and like everyone else some news if its not too much to ask would be nice , not cause we're nosey but because we care. xxooHi there 123! We've all been around for news all day but nothing heard yet - we are expecting that maybe we hear something on Monday at the earliest.


It feels like we're all sitting in the waiting room(yes...like family)waiting to hear some news..........Come on...U2 people..let us know how BONO is doing.
 Even my boy keeps asking me if I heard anything(which I thought was really sweet) : )



my family keeps inquiring too... but have to tell them, no news from the B-man.frown.gifSame thing here.  People keep asking me if I've heard anything. frown.gif

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Well, good to know I don't feel like this by my own - sitteing in the waiting room....

I hope it's a litte like good news: Gavin Friday twittered today "Rise!"

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I feel for Bono because I had spinal neuro surgery on 10th May. My recovery may also last a while.


It states on the headliner that Bono had surgery to prevent further paralysis. Does this mean that he is experiencing some  form of paralysis now?


Anyway Bono if your reading this: Get Well Soon my friend and White Light sent your way to help with the healing!


That 360 gig at Sheffield was awsome by the way!


People (in general) underestimate the power of spiritual healing.  There are powerful spiritually healing forces accessible to all of us so jump in and send some Healing White Light to Bono from your Heart Centre with your open Palms facing forward.


It is a powerful spiritual practice second to none.


Dont question it, just do it, you have nothing to lose and Bono will gain from it in a major way!


God Bless.

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