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Bono's Official Get Well Thread

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"The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love".-- Hubert Humphrey


With much love, and friendship from all your friends and fans around the world, I want to say Get well soon! May you have a speedy recovery, prayers and positive vibes you way. Rest and relax, soon enough you'll be Getting On your boots, and rocking it and spreading love like you always do.


As you rest and heal, know that we have you in our thoughts and are praying for a quick recovery.


Get well soon!And Blessings you way Bono!

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Bono, My prayers go out to you for a full recovery and that the pain isnt too much to bear. The most important thing right now is your health and taking care of yourself. Do not worry about your fans...we would rather wait to have you healthy & able than have you compromising your health for us. We love you for you and all that you give, not just for a tour. Take it easy and whenever you are ready, we will be too.  God bless.

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Bono, please, take care of yourself, don't hurry things and take all the time you need to recover. Forget the tour, Bono, we'll wait for you. You'll be in my prayers and in those of many others. We love you.

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