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Bono's Official Get Well Thread

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Don’t move


Don’t talk out of time


Don’t think


Don’t worry


Everything’s just fine


Just fine


Get well soon, we love you we will be waiting for you as long as it is needed


Love from Roma, Italy


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Dear Bono,


I'm really sad to hear about your surgery today, I hope they are taking really good care of you and PLEASE do not rush back to the stage too fast....we will stick with you no matter how much time you need.



Jen LC

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Now Bono, I may well get some flack for this as being inappropriatebut what the hell my intentions are honourable! When I had surgery I felt miserable being stuck in bed, in discomfort and unable to do things for myself(tho the being waited on hand and foot I could get used to!) what reallycheered me up were my friends who made me laugh and god did it hurt to laugh but it was well worth it! So in the belief that laughter really is the bestmedicine I send you this with my apologies to anyone out there who may beoffended in anyway (in which case look away now!)…..get well soon dahlin’ x


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Dear Bono and U2 fans,


It was gonna happen sooner or later: Our beloved Bono is not 21 anymore. that's a fact. I will really miss his concert on june 6th (Anaheim) but his health is the concern. Let's pray he gets well and be back like he once was, 21.



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hi my friend Bono


i can't believe the news today

Oh, I can't close my eyes

And make it go away


i am so sorry to hear about you and your surgery todayfrown.gif i know you are strong and will hopefully be back soon. We were all looking forward to the new tour especially me since you guys were starting out in Salt Lake City but you take all the time you need. We fans will be right here thinking of you and will be ready when you get better. you are my Miracle Drug and just remember "It's just a moment.., it's just moment..., it's just a moment.....this time will pass" wink.gif


love and peace

Elsha Stockseth aka. U2elshanator

The Biggest Little U2 Fan in the World

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Hey Bono, relax and watch the World Cup from home; we'll understand the recovery process man.


Crap ! I forgot Ireland is not IN the World Cup !!!


Oh well, cheer for Mexico, Argentina, US or any other country your heart wishes for. DAng Bono! crap happens....


Cheers buddy,


From a fan in Palm Springs, Ca. home to Frank Sinatra Estate.

and not too far from Joshua Tree,

and not too far from Edge's home in L.A.


my family misses you guy. - GET WELL !!!!!!



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