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Bono's Official Get Well Thread

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Bono! My heart is breking to know that you are in a hospital bed :-( Get well very soon. We wait for you. Praying and sending you good words. We have all to keep up with the fact that our body doesn't all the time follow...

Take care. Hugs. Sandrine

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well, I think you know by now we'll be with you and waiting, whatever happens. Yeah, of course for the tour. but heaven knows our world needs people like you. so for all of our sakes, I hope you'll be back on your feet soon. I trust you're in good hands, doctors and loving family and friends. add thousands of us ... dots on a map all over the world, sending thoughts and prayers. As opposed to one of my dear friends on this board, I'm not much of a prayor myself. I make exceptions if I know there's a believer at the receiving end. Therefore, thoughts and prayers for you, with much love.


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Bono - I hope you get better very quickly!! I'm so sorry that you had to go through that terrible pain and surgery, love. I know your family will take excellent care of you. Thank you for all you have done for this world.


With Great Love from Chicago,


Marianne :)

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