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My zootopian friends:  I think I have found a program that would actually help me earn a living from home. I paid approx. $47 for it, but it gives you step by step what to type. I am fighting to learn this things, outside work is almost impossible for me, if one doesn't eat one dies, so I spend many hours 18months trying and finally, one man came and gave me some satisfaction, something I could type in myself and get somewhere, his name John Carter of "RapidIncomeCreator".com.  One must never give up, sooner or later, I shall earn atleast $350 from home so I can live better. I am not wealthy, but I think I might become wealthy when I go out to a new home. I am not exactly happy here. I want something new, start over. So, thats what is keeping me busy at home and waiting to see Mr. Hewsen, cured, healed and back home in one piece, I am worried, how could this have happened to him, someone must clear the way for him, he surely needs to be massaged with great love and care every day, I would chant him back to his health.

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