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Bono's Sick Note


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Well that's just typical! I've heard of some excuses, but spinal injury? tsk! What was it - Edge's Davorki yoga?? That'll teach you to go carrying the World's weight around on your shoulders.


My mum would say..."You know, if you're not well enough to go to school, you're not well enough to go outside play with your mates.... If that Edge, Larry or Alan (or whatever his name is) comes knocking round here, I'll tell 'em to clear orf."


Perhaps Glastonbury should go ahead, but have those other famous Irish Rockers Jedward take over the vocals... whaddaya think?


Love you to bits, Bono me ol' love. Get well soon.


Kevin from Lincolnshire, UK (Natural_Explorer)

P.S. Any chance of doing a gig in this Boston, it's a lot nearer, and they got some great pubs!?

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