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American Idol - Lee Performed Beautiful Day


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sick.gif Why, oh why did someone let that dweeb on American Idol butcher Beautiful Day???? I too watched the You Tube video out of curiosity and couldn't bear it to the end. It's like sacreligious!!!!! And this is going to be a single???? Say it isn't so..............................
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The problem with American Idol is it isn't really a reality TV show.  The producers know who they want and they get the judges to manipulate you into thinking someone is good.


I couldn't listen to the whole song, it hurt too bad and this is the kid who won.  Which is okay because the girl will do better not being the idol, and she is the better of the two.

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[quote name='Lemonhead wrote:

hmbax']I don't know what you see in him that resembles Morten Harket!  I was a big A-Ha fan (when I was in junior high) and even have a couple of their songs on my ipod, but Harket's voice is crystal clear and quite high!  Plus, he has an amazing range.  This AI guy sounds much deeper and more gravely to me. 


Fair enough (and I'm sorry to have offended a true a-ha fan lol). I didn't just spurt it out however, it took me ages to figure out who it reminded me of. I agree Harket has a better voice but you have to admit his voice on 'the sun always shines on t.v' is not the best as compared to other tracks.


Listen to both of them and get back to me!


The sun always shines on tv


My point was of course it's a shite cover of the B-man!



Ok, I listened to both of them.  I still don't see the similarity between Lee Dewyze and Morten Harket, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.  You're right about that track.  It doesn't showcase Morten Harket's voice as well as other songs that were on the album but not released as singles.  "Manhattan Skyline" is really corny, but he sings quite powerfully on that track. 

I listened to the "studio version" of Lee Dewyze.  While doing so my almost 12 yr old daughter walked through the room and commented, "he didn't do a very good job on that song.  That's going to be his single?  How dissappointing."  She's my daughter who is loving U2 with me.  (I took her to the Rose Bowl concert with me!) 


No offense taken about the A-Ha comment!  I chuckle to admit I still like them, I know it's corny!  What can I say?  It was a very memorable summer for me the year that band hit the charts!  It's like a stroll through memory lane!  What were YOU listening to in junior high?


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