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U2 Article - Anniversary Of Boy


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I'm Ben Hewitt, the news ed/staff writer of The Quietus, an independent music



We've just published an in depth feature on U2's 'Boy' to mark the 30th

anniversary of the album.




If you'd like to give it a read and let us know what you think, that would be great!





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4 hours ago


As far as I can remember, the line 'A teacher told me why, / I laugh when old men cry' was meant to imply a loss of libido older men experience.



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3 hours ago


Can't fault much in this article, although I'm not sure I hear all of the parallels with other bands that Ben Graham does. But he makes the good point that U2 are one of those bands it is foolish to dismiss completely out of hand, not least because there at least 3 different versions to consider, irrespective of how feel about their bombastic current incarnation.


i guess that 's the award

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few guys around are very crazy about music, i hope they will give you what you need ...

because i don't do good comments in general or rarely

good luck

Aww Actarus... you've had some good ones.  Love the "polyester white trash made in no where" about the harsh bono shirt and the "ok, he's bad" about MJ.
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