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Should U2 have cut mistakes from the final cut of U2 360 Live at The Rose Bowl?


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"Of course, when it comes to editing the show, there's an elephant in the room that has to be addressed: "Breathe," the opening song of the concert, was edited out and placed in the Bonus Material section. I was as dumbfounded and disappointed as anyone when that news first came out a few months ago, but after watching "Breathe" today (after I watched the full concert), I'm actually glad they removed it. The camera work and editing aren't up the standard of the rest of the show and, to be frank, U2's performance of that song also seems lackluster in comparison. I still long for U2 to release a full, unedited concert ... but I think I understand why they didn't this time.


As much as I love this DVD, it's not perfect. There's a noticeable edit in "Mysterious Ways" where the audio and video don't match; Bono is singing, yet, on screen, the mic is not near his mouth. I also think some opportunities were missed to bring up the crowd volume, especially during the sing-a-long portions of "Unknown Caller." But those are minor quibbles to be sure. Slightly more than "minor" is this complaint: Aside from the new documentary, Squaring the Circle, the bonus material is pretty lame. The "BD Live" section has downloadable tour clips, but the same clips also seem to be available in the Bonus Material section; it also has tour photos that many fans will have already seen on Edge's Twitter account_74615. The promise of new BD Live tour content this summer is now a moot point because of the postponement. Much of the other bonus material is stuff many fans will have already seen on U2.com or elsewhere online."




the bad audio match up is what i spotted also. on moment of surrender.

The ending of i'll go crazy was messed with, and sounds odd.
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