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Proposed 'Not Glastonbury' U2 UK Fan Event for 25-27 June 2010 - Info Updated Mon. 7th June


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In the spirit of the US Rosebowl DVD Parties that are happening tonight happened last week, we have been approached by a small new festival in the UK (North UK, can't say who/where as yet) - to host a U2 'Not Glastonbury' event over the weekend of 25th - 27th June 2010.




I can now reveal the location and festival details, (see flyer below)


Solas Festival, Wiston Lodge, Biggar, Scotland (about 50 miles north of Carlisle)


Until midnight tomorrow (Sunday 6th June), Friday 11th June (offer extended) they are have a free ticket offer (buy one adult get one free).


http://www.solasfestival.co.uk/ to check out their website


The festival itself starts on Friday 25th, and they are offering us a timetabled event on the Saturday evening, which would include Q & A sessions with some special invited guests, a DJ, acoustic performances from festival artists of their fav. U2 song,  some U2 giveaways.... and more.


Solas itself is a sister festival of the much larger Greenbelt Festival, (and part sponsored by them), and as you may know U2 played Greenbelt back in the 80's, and has retained strong links with Greenbelt since that time (Bono has visited Greenbelt, albeit in disguise as a steward :-)


Solas is in a fantastic location, I have visited the site recently myself, really beautiful surroundings.


So next step is to let me know if you would like to come, either to the whole weekend, or just to the proposed U2-themed event on Saturday 26th June, either by PM, or posting in the thread, or ideally email me on



Feel free to take advantage of Solas' free ticket offer before it runs out at midnight tomorrow 4PM BST Friday 11th June, (regardless of any proposed U2-themed event it looks like a great new festival anyway!) and again, depending on numbers we can get to attend from here they have promised us a good deal for any fan get-together package.




So, the deal is to gauge the response and numbers of folk who would like to attend, and maybe we can book a tribute act or DJ for the proposed night.

The festival would offer us a venue and access to the rest of the festival weekend, or single day for a reduced rate ticket (the more of us that could attend then the better the rate we could negotiate).

The festival has camping facilities, and other accommodation available and some great bands, speakers, workshops and lots of family / youth / children style content too..... much more on specific details when I can get a picture of just how many of us here would like to join up and make it happen.

So, in the first instance, if you can add your name here, or PM me if you would like to provisionally attend, and if we can get over 50 or so confirmed names, then I can release full details of location and other details. I am sure we can get some U2 giveaways as per the US DVD parties if there is enough interest, and any ideas anyone wants to contribute to make this happen are most welcome.

So, how about it - U2 UK Fan Event 'Not Glastonbury' between 25th - 27th June 2010 ........ is it a go-er?

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If i wasn't going to Glastonbury itself Bigwave i would love to go to the event and im up north too, I hope everyone has a good time and you get loads of interest in the event, im sure you will.

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