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U2 Album Update

Posted: June 03, 2010

By: m2 / @mattmcgee (atu2.com) !!!

The new edition of Rolling Stone (dated June 30) includes ashort article previewing the now-postponed North American U2 360 tour.The article says this about U2's current album situation:

Since wrapping up the 2009 leg in October, the band has been in the studio working on three albums simultaneously: Songs of Ascent, a second volume from the sessions for last year's No Line On The Horizon; the score from the Broadway musical Spiderman; and a set of entirely new songs.

This is not the first time that there's been talk of three albumprojects, but in the previous reports, the third project was said to beold material from the Rick Rubin sessions in 2006. The abovespecifically refers to "entirely new songs." We've updated our New U2 album page, accordingly.


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Well, if history is a guage, then a coupla years from now we'll laugh at this tease........


As I cut and pasted recently, from Fast Cars


"Don't worry bout the days,

when the pain it goes away,

I remember mine



I can HEAL!

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