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A New Way to Bring About World Peace


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MEYOTO:  The New Calling Card for World Peace

MEYOTO (abbreviation for “Me and You Togetherâ€) is inspiring people from around the globe with their custom art design of a national flag waving within the universal symbol of peace. You can choose a national flag representing your heritage, the country you live in or a country that you support.  With MEYOTO, you can proudly display the colors of your national flag while boldly expressing your view on world peace.  “Show your colors.  Speak your mind.†is our mantra.

MEYOTO is a new kind of ‘calling card’ for people to reach out and say who they are.  This instant identity tells others that you share their support of world peace and helps establish immediate connections between people who might otherwise have remained strangers.  As Brad Drew stated, “I display my MEYOTOs on my car and on the top of my laptop.  When people see them, they will give a sign of support and some will introduce themselves and initiate conversations.  It’s really amazing to see the power that a MEYOTO has in drawing people together.  I do feel proud because I’m honoring my country and I’m working for global peace 24/7 without lifting a finger!â€

MEYOTO is building a movement that has never been seen before-- a‘visual movement’ that people around the world can participate in.  People will build a network of global support as one MEYOTO connects to the next one.  Together they can lead the leaders to a better way of life for themselves, their children and the children of future generations.  A ‘visual voice’ may produce the most powerful movement of all.

There are over 100 flags to choose representing countries from all continents across the world.  So, you can collect MEYOTOs and display the ones you choose on any particular day!
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