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How do we establish.................


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Survival motivates me to push forward, but I always try to keep in mind where I am spiritually, physically, etc. Life is so full of distractions that I tend to take some serious detours before I realize that I left the right road. Then, I try to find my way back to where I was headed. Or, I chose to forget about my previous destination, and go with the flow. I'm proud to say that I've rarely allowed material things to sway me in my journey.

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Spend time with kids. They are naturally optimistic and enthusiastic and honest the younger they are. When I am having a down day at work I go straight to the Kindergarten classes and no kidding, it's never taken more than 5 minutes for one of the little ones to say or do something that is so hysterical or insightful that I just shake my head and have a good laugh and go forth into my life again ready and willing to strive to make things better.


It also occurs to me the more I work with kids (don't have any of my own) that I never have the right to give up on life or trying to do better for myself or the community because the next generation is counting on me to do my part. It sounds like a big idea but it really is not. Little actions go a long way.


For instance, I need to get going right now because I am spending the day volunteering at our northern pet clinic. The animal rescue society I volunteer with organized for three vets to come up here where we have no services, and offer exams, vaccinations, microchipping, grooming for cats and dogs. A couple of kids from the school are volunteering too after helping me with foster puppies at recesses and now they have a passion for assisting critters. Pretty cool!


OH! And don't forget to play!!!! I also spent a full day this week doing nothing but playing with kids. I taught some 9 and 10-year-olds K'naan's Waving Flag song for FIFA World Cup and we were jumping around singing it throughout the soccer game on Play Day. :)

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[quote name='Carry Each Other wrote:

illumination70'] Doing something to help others seems to always make me feel better.




Great point! I agree 100%.

Likewise if its in your power to do so..

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[quote name='razspazz wrote:

123love']How do we establish , enthusiam , motivation and will power , what is the essence ?? Just want to know your views.....

Thanks in advance..xx

Drink more beer.




Well... drinking more beer is the best answer yet! I'll tell you why I think so.


What is the essence - to get high laugh.gif (laughing takes you there i believe - naturual medicine). I'm not talking about the artificial stuff pimp.gif - but hey sometimes that is "even better than the real thing" eh? Not that i would know, I'm not into any of that sort of thing... but the point is - how do we establish motivation, will power, enthusiasm?????


It is connecting to that inner part of our being that wants to connect to the higher being...or for you athiests out there...it is our desire to connect with love...


I don't know..I could just be talking out of my backside.


It is about wanting to be a better person - to be at a higher state of mind. feeling on top of the world.


not sure if any of this makes sense?? maybe i misunderstood the question.

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