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Is this a new Bono song?


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Does anyone know if Bono is behind this song for the Irish football team (even though they're not in the world cup!).


Sounds like him singing (although in a lower key than he normaly would) with some other Irish  musos (shane mcgowan? the corrs?). Looks like they're taking the mick out of the French. He's not in the vid but he's the only Irish celeb not there. There's a red lace add on their website, and the vids got heaps of Irish muso's. Any ideas?

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Who is the NYPD Choir anyway? As I said in my blog Hamish, I got an email about it at work (strangely enough), and thought it sounded like Bono. Listen to him sing 'the rare old mountain dew' in the second verse - if that isn't Bono doing his 'Rattle and Hum' esque voice then I'll eat my hat. AS I said, whether it is him or not, it's a good listen and a good tune to turn up when France are playing!!!

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Bono's not on that song, but the one guy sure sounds like him.


About the NYPD Choir

About Pride of Ireland

The poem "Pride of Ireland" was written in 1819 by Michael Burke, a poet from Kiltulagh, County Galway. It was a popular piece in its day and was first put to music in 1957 by the Culwick Choral Society. Initially the poem was sung to the tune of Molly Mollone and was first put to the tune of Danny Boy by Ronnie Drew of the Dubliners in 1976.


Our version is our own arrangement but we changed some of the lyrics from the original version.


The North Youghal Pub Dwellers Choir are...

Drums/Bodhran   Seamus Cassidy
Bass Connor Kilgour
Guitar/Whistles   Jack Bain
Bouzouki/Guitar   Darragh Owen
Mandolin/Fiddle   Matt McCarthy
Vocals   All of the above

 Special guest on Pride of Ireland Niamh Moreton (Accordian/Vocals)

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