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Which Live Version Do You Like?


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Over the years, U2 have played a select number of songs on almost every tour. The great thing is they always change it up, everytime they play those tunes....or is it? We'll go through their famous classics one at a time. We'll start with:




a. Rattle & Hum DVD

b. ZooTV

c. Popmart in Mexico

d. Live in Boston (Elevation Tour)

e. Go Home

f. Live from Milan

g. U2 360


My favorite is the Rattle & Hum DVD version. Especially the drums and the Shine part. They should go back to this version!

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deffo rattle and hum version. its the best without a doubt. its the right speed, the emotion is amazing, and bono can sing it properly. not like the versions they do today.


what it is about with or without you is the drums too. the versions of boston and slane are ruined for me because larry is playing not the right beat, and yeah im anal about it, so shoot me!!!!


i also like zootv live from sydney too, because they changed it to suit the setlist. it has more of a dense feel to it also. but when they build up the end, with larry banging the drums i was hoping they would fly off into the end with that edge solo, but they just stop it. but its still great!


after that, i dont think bono can sing the song properly. its too low for him and then when he opens his mouth he starts to sound like a bad elvis impersonator.


out of all the joshua tree songs, this is one that has got worse live with age, yet streets and i still havent found sound like they live forever in a u2 setlist.

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I like the Rattle & Hum version but this my favorite version from the Paris 'live' bonus dvd from Joshua Tree 20th anniversary.� It's got Love Will Tear� Us apart and tear gas thrown in for good measure ;0)  


There's something about it that makes my neck hairs stand up everyime, it's great how they pick-up the song again and don't loose the plot :0)


ps: great thread idea, i hope it grows and grows

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