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Which Live Version Do You Like?


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Sorry it's been awhile, so here goes:




a. Rattle & Hum DVD

b. ZooTV

c. Popmart in Mexico

d. Live from Boston (Elevation Tour)

e. Go Home

f. Vertigo in Chicago

g. U2 360


I can tell you this maybe a hard one to pick, so it would be a process of elimination. I would go with the Go Home version. It's the tour after Bono's dad died, and it seems fresh to him, at the time...by paying homage to him, singing opera during the intro of Streets...it just hits me every time I hear it! Just the size of the crowd at Slane! Wish I was there. Live from Boston is a close 2nd. Rattle & Hum version gave me goose bumps, and basically set a standard for all live performances. U2 360 showed the magnitude of the crowd, but the way it was mixed (crowd level), the crowd seemed distant. The most disappointing one was Vertigo in Chicago, simply because they didn't light up the crowd....that might have been the one, if they did it....Bono had his reasons. The Popmart version was an electronica version, which was also good, but not as good as my favorite version.

difficult choice, i really like the wizard of oz colour moment from rattle and hum when streets starts and that is a really cool version.  but i'd have to say that i like the version from slane best, it's very raw, soul shouting out
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The Sydney/ZooTV version blows all the rest out of the water.

The build-up from RTSS is massive, and the sound is just perfectly mixed, too - although not in a 'perfect' way.
The somewhat cluttered sound makes for this ambient feel, put it together with a very nice and rich bass sound from Adam, and you've got the most energic, epic version of 'Streets'.
The moment when Larry and Adam kicks in, is just perfect, and I often find myself reversing from when Bono starts singing to where Edge's guitar part starts, again and again, quite often never finishing the song at all.
There's just such a special and magic feel to the first two minutes of the song.
Oh, and did I forget that Bono's singing was his best ever, that night back in '93.

U2 did a similar version at the first part of the 360 Tour in 2009, except that Larry had dropped striking his hihat in the intro, and Adam, when he joined in, didn't "walk" a full octave on his bass, making the bass part begin in a "lazy" way, for lack of better words. I believe he started this habit in 2005 - I don't like it at all.
Also, nowadays, Bono is up on his soapbox in the intro again...just shut up and let the music speak, for God's sake!
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