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Special action for U2 at the Moscow gig - please read


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Hello U2 folks!

I represent the Russian U2 Community (u2.ru). If you are attending the U2 gig in Moscow, please join us in the "Green Light for U2" action.

I bet all of us know that green colour and shamrock are international symbols of Ireland. We in Russia want to welcome our favourite Irish band with these symbols and create a green shamrock field at the stadium for the opening U2 song.

Russian U2 Community will print and distribute cardboard shamrocks among the audience (we suppose, mainly among people in the circle, because the shamrocks will only be visible from a short distance), but you can also print the shamrocks from the Russian U2 fansite (click here for a JPG). Also - espeÑially if you have seats or aren't planning to stand close - you are encouraged to just take something green with you and wave it from the moment Larry appears on stage till the end of the the first song.

If your friends are attending this show, please, spread the word and ask them to join us in this action. This is the first and maybe the last U2 concert in Russia, so we desperately wish to thank them for their decision to come, show our respect to their country's culture and maybe make them enjoy the show a little bit more.

If you have any questions concerning this action or the Moscow gig itself, you can contact us via the International section of our forum.

Thanks a lot for reading, hope to see you in Moscow!
The Russian U2 Community.

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