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Anything Redeeming?


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I find it hard to believe anyone knows for sure where the tipping point is. Personally, I don't believe that Al Gore would continue roaming the world with his Power Point Presentation if we're already doomed. Now, people will say he lied, and yes, I did catch a few non-truths while watching, An Inconventient Truth.


I've noticed something over the years; if folks won't voluntarily make changes, the powers that be make changes for them...eventually. Little gestures by many people have, and will continue to make, a difference. Even if it's only a small difference, it's better than no difference or making the situation worse.


Thank you for the compliment, Spicy; it's very much appreciated.

I understand what you mean wind. And the way that the environment has been affected is very worrying and this topic is part of the reason why I said how much it upsets me thinking about my daughter's future and the future for all kids. But it also society as a whole which makes me worry and needs to be sorted out. I know that innocence will leave a child - that is part of growing up. But we seem to live in such a cynical place at the moment. I am an optimist and I always like to see the best in people and situations but that doesn't change the fact that people aren't as nice to each other and the world in which we live lacks respect and is a violent one. We see war every day on the news, we live in fear of terrorist attacks in big cities and on planes etc - fearing for our lives because some has said that their God wants us to die! We see people sruggling to make a living and can't afford a medicine whilst the leaders of that country live in luxury! I know it is a subject which can go on forever

and we can go in circles. But the bottom line is I want my child and the children of others to be brought up in a world of fairness, where they can be safe walking to school or to their friends' house, without the fear of guns and knifes; where bullying is not around (for kids and adults), and where their dreams can grow and be realised.

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anything redeeming

anything worth healing


anything redeeming

any worth while feeling


love is like

a tightrope...

... hangin...

from the ceiling.


Yeah I know...


I know...









X. vmh



This tune ...

... never ceases to become greater. X

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