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My dog died = hug your pets :(


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thats a really long time...its like loosing a child or other loved one...after all that time together you guys were a family..


the grief must be terrible...especially after nursing them and suffering right along side with them.


its agonizing to see them in pain and not be able to speak or help themselves...


but when you look into their eyes, you know...


their eyes say it all


I'm sure when they looked into yours, they knew just how much you loved them, and felt their suffering..


they knew that they were never alone, and that you were right there by their sides


always tring to soothe and comfort them


take comfort in knowing that they knew this about you

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So sad to hear that you have lost another dog. {{{hugs}}}

Mine has already has his hug today - don't think he always appreciates it though!!

Thinking of you and your losses over the past few months xxx

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