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Saying for today , post yours.....

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[quote name='petermullen wrote:

screamingflowr wrote:

xtraspicy62 wrote:

screamingflowr wrote:

petermullen']Fear is a lethal weapon.....

fear is often viewed as something that keeps you from experiencing something that may be enjoyable.Such as a plane ride to a desired destination.yeah
The fear of a snake or spider in your home may cause discomfort.
Fear of losing something you love can be lethal if you're not wrapped too tight.

Of course the immediate fear of someone attacking you at knife or gunpoint point can turn lethal if you're prepared..please explain.Psychology is a hobby of mine and I'm not sure what you mean.
if you terrorize someone enough, you could most likely kill them via heart attack, stroke, drive them to suicide...

fear also can "kill" your life or the quality of your life

fear can "kill" your spirit too

fear can kill all that is beautiful and good in you, in others, in life...

fear can "kill" your creativity and production at work, and "kill" you career...

be interesting to hear peters take on it


yeah..i get the quality of life,spirit..that's what I was driving at in my post.
Fear certainly can hold a person back from many aspects in in life.
Fear can cause death..but not in a healthy person.
 Now that we've put out ideas into what petey has said...lets see if he cares to elaborate.

I was thinking how fear can crush the potential in all of us. As far as being lethal... i wasn't meaning it literally, really, but more of what you were all saying about the spirit, etc. But that being said...the stress and worry that it causes can turn into a very real physical problem.

 People, organizations ( corporations,religions, political parties, etc) use fear as a way to control others and gain power. If you are not strong in will and spirit, it is very easy to get swallowed up and end up living a life that is unfulfilling....and empty.....

It's totally clear now..at times i take words too literally. 

I was blurring the line between fear vs phobia..hmmm that's  a blurry line anyway.

On with happier thoughts :)


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[quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote:

illumination70'] "No Man, No Cry" Author Unknown

LOL, Illum, girl, did I ever tell you I love you?

thank god someone has the moxy to post something other than  bob marleys, "no woman, no cry"!

It works BOTH ways!!!

 Yes, it does!!!

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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

love this... ist what i repeat to me kids but phrased so much better.


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