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Rare U2 LP Info please?


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Hi Guys, I have a rare U2 12" LP that I want to sell but I don't know anything about it (except I have held onto it since the 80s)


Any info would be greatly appreciated, I don't even know how much it's worth!


Anyway, it is a 12" LP and is 'The Unforgetable Fire' yes, notice the misspelling of 'Unforgetable'. I think that because of the misspelling it could be rare? It's an Australian release.


Any info please?

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1985 Australian release on the Island label.


unforgetable spelt with one T instead of two on front and back cover.Spelling corrected on record label???.




Side One - The Three Sunrises (3:52)


- The Unforgettable Fire (4:56)


Side Two - A Sort Of Homecoming (4:06)


- Love Comes Tumbling (4:45)


- Bass Trap (5:17)


is that it???

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