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Do you like to watch the news??

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I do not see how negative news can positively add to the ascention of humanity.  The news media repeat everything over and over again. Once is enough. I truly, and now my children, are very happy that we do not have a television. The last thing I saw on tv before I got rid of it, was the constant attack on the President over the OIL spill as if it was his doing, and then in words at the bottom of the screen, U2's Bono is having back injury surgery. I saw that and I almost screamed, I felt a sharp pain in my soul. Now, the OIL spill, makes you wonder how a "VEIN of WATER" compares to a "GIANT OIL SPILL", the power of it coming from the GOD made earth. How can this affect humanity, wondering into the natural territories of God made Earth. A balanced Earth, being unbalanced by men.  That was it for me. Prince Bono is sick, and I am looking at him inside the glass ball from outside, that is 100% out of his realm. If you think about it, its something that affects me inside so much that I have lost the fear of everything. Why, because if need be, I and if allowed, I would cross over to personally care for him my way, with my own two god given hands.  Bono is Realm's Prince who lives within Realm's soul. Bono is Realm's only true dream awake and asleep. My children love Bono because I tell them, that there is only one BONO is existence and that he truly is a Prince. I told them how Bono's name is Prince and why and when I allowed him to enter my Realm thru telepathy. How my psychic visions guide me and why Bono is no regular man like the rest of them. Bono has a "Pitch that is a CODE" and he can move me on a cellular level, like oxigen giving life, Bono extends my life in all ways.  How I got fooled by an impostor who looked so much like the real Prince that feel like crying when I think of it.


You see my friends, the TV says everything, good and bad. I am pro good, nay bad news. I would like Bono to control a piece of the earth, like IRELAND, to rule and govern it in peace, with Iron hands and the heart of a Dove. A different kind of President. Here he would be "King David" of Ireland, aka, Realm's Prince back in the castle he purchased. It all fits in perfectly. Its the old days, back in the 21st century. A castle with even a true garden all done and created by BONO himself, the true Prince recreating the past today. Wow, can you imagine. Finding one's Prince and he even has his castle, and he can afford to create the garden too. I like that. He is just like the Lord who enters the castle, and everyone is waiting for him in line, the waiters and the maids and me at the end of the line, entering the middle of the line after everyone has welcomed him back to his castle from having been out doing his work. A prince returns to his castle and he is overwhelmingly loved by all at home and I am ready for the Prince too, a feeling of just dying to see him come back home, handing his hat, a cane, his coat to the servants and its time for fun, and games. The castle is full of overwhelming love for Bono. That is whats inside the castle. The Lord Hewsen castle.


OH, about the WATER VAIN" I desire to give one of these to Bono, because precisely, it is created by God, not man. Its powerful and natural, geniune in all its ways. Perfect if you ask me. Only beautiful and perfect creations are for Bono.



Thats a praisewothy act and idea getting rid of your tv, I think there are many things you can do without a telly ,

I remember once I got rid of all my house hold furniture and personal possesions including all my shop gear , not cheap and gave the whole lot to the salvos , ( leaving the ex so left him his only possesions , car,boat and telly , he spent most of his time there lol ) he was ok, and I left and i was soooooooooooooo happy , it was like being tied to a trailer on my shoulders ( everything) and to leave it all and take my daughter with me , well I felt it was the closest thing in human body form to flying, was great ...........Besides those things only rot away and wear..xx 

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Realmawakerosa you posted the other month that you were worried about Bono and that you thought he should take a rest and concentrate on his loved ones and I posted Amen to that.  Why the pain and surprise when your prayer was answered?


Bono has my deepest sympathies now for the pedestal you have placed him upon - no man can live up to that.

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