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Some people hate this question but whats on your mind right now desires etc

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I have been trying hard for weeks now to NOT shave my head, which I get a penchant for doing every few years, because I may have a couple of job interviews coming up and though I don't think a buzz cut should interfer with being hired, it might and I can always shave it once I've landed the gig!


I love being in the woods/north, but realize I miss and am craving culture and arts that cities provide and perhaps I should be trying harder to get myself living in one where I can participate in those activities.


And i might take a nap ... or drive an hour up the gravel road to go for a paddle and have dinner with friends, but I was hiking all day and the nap is calling but I said I'd go upstream so I'm torn.


hmmmmm (procrastinate procrastinate)

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I desire to know what I am needing to be doing with my life. I have much down time...no job but will be voluteering at the local hospital soon. I feel like my life has been on hold way too long. Any suggestions???

  I feel your pain because I've been working a job which is currently on a "slow season" and volunteering, but I feel as if I'm just "spinning my wheels" where progress is concerned.


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