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Some people hate this question but whats on your mind right now desires etc

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how i love to stay on here and chat to the people i love , and hope are (''spiritually healthy in every way '')


must go now make a cup of tea for my loving mum , and listen to radio and while i've just woken up i know half of you all are going to sleep.............



Wish i didnt look so crappy and was so ''demanding but thats Godly'' , then maybe i stand a chance with romeo wherever he is :o(



Wishing everyone sweet zootopian dreams lol xx oo

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need to lose weight ,
I've put on weight because of my medication , its a side effect , I take medication because iv'e suffered mental illness combined with depression from a hard life but I didnt make it easy on me with taking all sorts of drugs in my younger days which could have majorly contributed as well as leaving my drink unattented at supposed friends and heck knows whoever so outcome is sickness without it , I may feel really stone bad stoned , or tripping or speeding or ecstacy or ill or even really vacant like totally worn out and come to a dead end so i need it , its almost like im being persecuted by someone without my medication.................
Just found out recently that i can lose weight on this medication by interacting with my insulin , surpressing it , it takes a tablet and im on my second day of taking them :o)
So just have to wait and see................I currently weigh 67 kilos when im usually 45 but everyone wreckoned I was to thin as you see in my pic , im 20 there and was going to my grandads funeral with my beautiful girl, shayla...........
the clothes im wearing was what i was selling in the shop i had..................
now im talking to much.............

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[quote name='Kristaps wrote:

barbara1 wrote:

Kristaps']I'll meet the object of my desires Wednesday! ;-)


have you told her how you feel yet,kris?
Yes. She's my girl now :)



good on you, kris!! so brave smile.gif

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