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MORE U2 PARODY LYRICS!!! (9th Edition)


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Welcome to the NINTH EDITION of my U2 parodies. Here is yet another set in my ongoing attempt at making a parody of EVERY U2 song to the theme of food & drink. 

A website with my parodies will be up soon (it's half done, with all parodied album art, even singles...I'm really having fun with it). Thanks for all the feedback! 

You'll find the previous editions here:









Feel feel to pass these along!!! 




Parody Of "Gloria"

I pry and with my tongue plow

I pry to white stuff

It's what I like to eat

I pry, I pry & eat up

But first I lick the cream

Oreo, into my tummy

Oreo, excellent taste

Oreo, Oreo

Oh boy,

Cookie sandwich

I pry and with my tongue plow

I pry, make a spin

No, I don't want some s'mores
For s'mores start opened

I'll lick them bare

Dip them in milk

Oreo, into my tummy

Oreo, excellent taste

Oh boy,

Were I to pick one thing

Just one thing at all

I'd only eat you

I'd only eat you

Into my tummy



When You Cook All Will Hurl
Parody Of “When I Look At The World“

When you cook all will hurl
What new atrocity?
People get food poisoning
Or someone’s heart will seize
I eat with concession
Not sure this is stew
I range from insincere
To “this schlock will spell our doom!â€

So I’ll die just to please you
Try to eat it & turn blue
But without skills, it’s just poo
Like Chef Boy-ar-dee
When you cook all will hurl

When one bite costs us our pulses
And we’re dying in one big sweep
When you’ve wrought evil so extensive
Gives even Death the creeps
When you’re recruited by Hamas
A terrorist of great acclaim
Drive Jews to the brink then, will you
Just by cooking away?

So I’ll die just to please you
Try to eat this awful goo
But we’ll be ill real damn soon
Life ending “cuisineâ€
When you cook all will hurl

Won’t temp fate any longer
Couldn’t taste any wronger
Won’t temp fate any longer
I think we should flee
When you cook all will hurl

I’m in the dining room
Kitchen full of smoke
I think that you and your recipe book
Will make all of us choke

Help me, help me
I’m begging please
Help me, help me,
Don’t torture me



Parody Of "Grace"


It's my one shame

Makes food un-lame

Clogged up my veins

And heart attacks came

From the Sandwich of Earl

To the land of Scots 

Who's Fried Mars made my world

But now I must watch what I eat
Must stay clear of wings

Grease brings goodness to everything


So how long, Doc?

I'm not just asking ad hoc

Are my arteries blocked?

Will you prescribe some pharma, pharma?

Will you prescribe some pharma?

When heart disease lurks

Your ass is in a sling

Grease seems to be in everything


Calories go straight to my hips

No being strapped to an IV drip

No stops or skips

Between EKG blips

I'm worried my world's

In crappy condition

And since I've shirked

My damn addiction

What's left is stark

My hunger clings

Because Grease is duly

Cut from everything

Grease is duly cut from everything

Grease brings goodness to everything

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