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Has anyone seen the Alien?


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An Emissary brought by the Friend Ship, on behalf of the Intergalctic Federation of Planets along with many other supporters of PEACE take part in the Democracy Village Olympic event, "Jumping The Fence"

The Democracy Village Peace Camp was set up on May 1st 2010.with the aim to raise awareness to the ilegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to spread the message of Peace. After a costly court battle brought by the Mayor Boris Johnson and the GLA, Parliament Square was shut off to all those named persons of democracy village along with all persons unknown. Quite a lot of rough physical force was used by the hired security to eject the people who were there for Peace. Boris Johnson the GLA and the courts have breached not only these peoples civil rights, but also human rights. With many being physically assaulted by the security, endangering life and limb.


Public assemblys will be taking place every Saturday from 1pm - 6pm for people to discuss points to submit to Parliament. The second meeting will be meeting at Trafaler Sq 31st July at 12 noon, look for the PEACE FLAGS the people at 12.30 will then proceed The Victoria Tower garden (the park next to the river behind the houses of Parliament.)

Here you will also find memorials to the suffrogets leader, Emmeline (Goulden)Pankhurst , and a fountain celebrating the abolition of the slave industry


The People in this film are the People of Democracy Village along with many other concerned UK citizens they peacefully protest against the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are also demanding real democracy and proportional representation.

This video conveys their message addressed to the self imposed government/s of the UK.

Tax payer's money continues to fund these wars. This is your money, and now the unelected UK government wants you all to pay more whilst receiving less.


Over 2 million people marched in London against the war.


In the war conflict since then hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have died, many of them women and children. Along with many UK and International troops and the numbers keep on rising.


A Sign of the times; people call for an end to war and to hold peaceful dialogue. The bottom line is this country the UK needs uniting and requires a realistic, up to date constitution, made by the people for the people in order to do it.

Nothing less will work in fixing this broken system where a minority of the population make life changing decisions for the majority without true consultations and dialogue taking place.


Full consultation on constitutional change, this means not just consulting with people who agree with you, but also those who don't

Proposed constitutional change should be rooted in the advantages and disadvantages and not on the political desires of government/s







Defending for the people and Justice is a full time job, all people's representing share in this task, it is your world, your right to stand up for what you see as being right.


Uniting the Kingdoms


Peace grows, embrace it, share it, and life


Creation is an ongoing process

Everything is connected

Frequencies exist in all things

Harmony is ONE

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Sad post , but interesting read , although it wont change until the governments and false religion who support and pray for both killing sides are proven wrong and i cant help , im just a mentally ill poor person , with imaginations of my own but not sick ones like these governments..............

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