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more reasons to hate live nation (or this site)


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I'm sorry, i don't mean to be so negative or seem to be constantly ranting against this site, but...

yesterday rehearsals began in torino 


SPOILER ALERT but not too much of one

the band played a previously unreleased song, it sounds awesome, there are videos (if you dont want to wait til the 6th)

they also played an older track, this one i wont say anything on if you havent heard other than it looks like some pop musik is on the way. (again there are videos)

but my complaint is not just why is there nothing on the u2.com homepage about such exciting news, its the countdown video.

i go to @u2.com -- a free site -- to see the videos mentioned above (for free, i might reiterate). see the news on this, get all excited. come to this site, which i pay quite a fee for, and nothing. the countdown video for day 5 instead is the ridiculous light up microphone -- like thats really going to get me excited for the tour, now know i will be seeing ultraviolet again.

why couldnt they have posted a video of the soundchecks, cause that would probably take too much of live nations time.
its not like they really wanted these to remain a secret right up to the time they played em opening night, otherwise they probably wouldnt have rehearsed them in the open. I know this is just another rant against a monopolist concert promoter, but as long as i am foolish enough to pay their money, i think i can ask for something in exchange. 

hopefully, i am only a set ahead and some better videos lay in the future, better videos than an empty crate.
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