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Anyone else experiencing strange feelings - Wobbly legs in Vienna!


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When I am getting dressed, or out buying my clothes to go see U2, and my Prince Bono, my heart is beating faster, Anticipation draws me in, I see my Prince everywhere, even if the man I am looking at is not my Prince, I see only him, then, the Little Girl Realm comes out, she laughts all the way to the Stadium, so happy, smiling, desperation sets in, but then, when the car parks in the parking lot of the stadium, I Realm, stop get out and stop again, I gain my compulsure, I meditate on my Prince, the band, the moment, the love, the enchantement, the dream, the love, I only see my Prince, my heart only beats for him, for his voice, his pitch, his essence, his energy, the Little Girl takes over, and I swear, she comes out, and I become sort of hypnotised, aware, awake, but unconcious from my mind, not myself in control, I am not free, I feel just total energy and it pulls me to him, I am drawn, pulled towards him. That is why the 3rd isle is dangeious for me. I really wish to sit next to the stage on the corner of it. I want to enjoy every minute of U2, but in truth, Bono, my beloved Prince, I want to see him from close, meet him. Though the world sees him as the artist, I see him for who he truly is besides being an artist, he is a Peace Maker Prince of Realm, a true Prince by bloodline from a true castle, he even purchased one, perhaps it has the garden, a big huge garden and big big framed picture of him wearing clothing from another era, in the stair way leading to the 2nd floor of the castle. A king in his castle, thats my Prince, ever so loved Prince of Realm. The castle is home, but did not feel like home until he returned to it.


There, everyone awaited the Prince to return to the castle, I was there too at the end of the line, the waiters and servants, women on one side, the men on the other side, one walks to him, takes his hat and coat, he is saluted by all the maids and male servants and I at the end, walked in the middle after everyone said their salutations, and guess what I did, I went to him, hugged him ever so tight, feeling totally immesely overwhelmed by all the LOVE everyone felt for him,  The castle inside has an overwhelming feeling of love, a place filled with clean Pure Love; but I knew it was time to have fun, play games and he was ours, he is home and now we were all extremely happy. Home was not home without the Prince. I really enjoyed him, all I had in mind, was it is fun time with my Prince, he is with us now, its our time, and we love him so. Its fun time for  Realm. Thats how I felt when he arrived.from outside, the work out in the world;  He was ours in the castle. The world was out, he was with us and we adored him so. Thats the truth of Bonovox, The True Prince of Realm my zootopian friends. That is why nothing, of his extravagant style scares me away, because he is a true Prince, he has to be himself when he is amongst people of his stature, he is honored and respected, that is whithin his power, he has this power within him, so one can see how humble he is, and how everyone is in his  in his presence. He commends respect, he draws them, just like he draws me, he has this power that only God gives to men. I should be in his presence again, I shall not feel outplaced due to the fact that he is a true Prince of Realm. I know him to be a Prince from the past. So, I just want to be with him like in the castle. Death cannot separate Realm from those she loves.




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i know they're very expensive...but i totally would save for at least the flesh leather top or the black fringe crop top (sooo sexy!)


they are originals


sorry about the pain


it is painful yes it is


but it hurts so good


and i kinda dig a little pain sometimes


its like i need to hurt



Trust me . i understand. Giving can also be satisfying.
I'm not sure which items you're talking about.
I like the Skingraft triple zip jacket,.and the black battalion jacket.
The moto vest is hot,too.
 I wouldn't turn down anything they have to offer...if it was offered :)

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Oh my!!! Car all packed - everything printed out and heading out on the road in a couple of hours!

Arms, leghs, stomach - every part of me spaghetti (although could be partly due to all the wine I had at a wedding yesterday!) I can't keep still I'm so jittery and giddy - boy am, I going to be annoying in the car, on the boat, every night, during time in Holland till I get to Frankfurt! But I do not care I just can't wipe this grin of my face!

zhivvy-you will not be coming back down to planet earth for at least a week!!! watching the live video, when i saw the red zone and realized just how close ur gonna be---i couldnt eat or sleep either! my heart beats faster for you as the countdown draws near...wait until you hear and see bono sing glastonbury!!! hes wearing leather and hes making sounds at the beginning that are sounds of....? undescribable or is it INdescriable, teacher?
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anyway, hes moaning ala robert plant....i can listen to bono moan, yell, sigh, squeel, over and over!!


cant get enough of glastobury tune!!

Not heard the new songs yet - just waiting for the night even though I so want to go and listen to it right now! 72 hours and Frankfurt will be happening! And 110 to that Red zone woop!!!!

Getting even more excited and kittens everywhere now!!!

(but that could be due to my friend having lots of cats lol!)

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Thats what I call, 4 simple man, who do make a difference in this world. Bono looks like he is ready to conquer. He always does, with such passion and magical pitch, even I have to meditate and prepare myself mentally to be in his presence, my Prince, born to be King all over again. Edge, Adam and Larry, look amazing, sexy, all look so handsome and ready to take life by the horns. Strong man in the spirit. Their spirit, not easily overcome is what makes Bono, and them, the most powerful band in the world, Bono, the most charismatic man of the century. Is there a scientist that can explain the magical power my Prince has with his beloved daisies. He conquers, gets his crops along the tours, they come from the 4 corners of the earth in search of their guide, the one who is a light to many. Bono. I like the Prince. I get hypnotised by U2, controlled by energy, I like that. Bono is Realm's Prince. Regardless of what the world may think of me, I know that God has given me what I need. A man who is humble, clean spirited, w/a heart of a conqueror, a true King, a man with enough love for the world, to extricate his lost daisies in the darkness and bring them out to the Sun. The Sun being, Bono, Realm's Prince.



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um me thinkg sits monday right now where you are....so how many hours now? when do u line up?

up early morning tomorrow long drive to frankfurt - dear hubby driving as i am too excited!

Hoping to get there about midday and straight to queue!!!

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good thing john is driving, zhiv... cause i remember this one time when we were following a lightblue, belgian smax (a rather big car...) and we ended up following an english ford, wrong color, wrong shape (rather small car)......tongue.gif

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