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Here are 2 more brand new U2 parody songs, "Feeders Of Lesbians" & "Love Those Peas Or Else".

Don't forget that there's an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PREVIEW of my U2 parody site, available for a limited time only!


It is my goal to parody EVERY SINGLE U2 song to the theme of food & drink, a unique challenge I put to myself as tribute to the boys. Each song tells a funny story, with songs such as With Or Without Au Jus, Ziti Of Blindingly Hot Spices & Sundae Fudgy Sundae.

While it's a work in progress & there's much to be completed, half the songs & artwork ARE there. I have put up parody album & single covers, as well! This was a lot of fun to do & I'm hoping you'll give me feedback, suggestions, & criticisms before I shut it down to finish it for the Fall. I hope to include your ideas in the interim.

Why have I attempted this feat? Because it's never been attempted before. No one has ever tried to parody every single song from a single band's catalogue, much less sticking to one theme. Besides, as you'll discover, U2 songs are incredibly edible.




Note: In the spirit of Pride Week, I wrote this as two gay men on a softball team who are hosting their lesbian friends after a game.


Feeders Of Lesbians

"Cedars Of Lebanon"


Softball team post game meet

Head up to our home with our dirty peeps

Spend the night partying & it goes pretty fine

Meeting girlfriends & wives like we do every time


Look on your face I gather you're annoyed

Tidying after girls rather than boys

I'm dialing up some mp3s

Put on some Melissa Etheridge

Then one team member starts with her shit


We're surrounded by women we've both known for years

Everyone's having a good time, coolers & beers

Then this girl on a dime gets all in your nose

Jabs you with a finger that your politics blows


And change
Your tone


Now first, don't fuss, they'll get the wrong impression

It tests, I trust, even the most serious intentions

Second, if you're good then I'll heave you a bone

I'm all yours when everyone goes home


Those drinking bottled water cuz they can't get tanked

Where's the orange soda? I'm drawing a blank

Debating on the wine as they're asking for some

I don't want to be stuck with drunk Lesbians

We're in
The zone


Last time we fed 'em Quiche & Crepe Suzette

With fresh salad on our brand new dining set

But if it were up to me, i'd serve veggie dogs & buns

Me and you, we're the feeders of Lesbians


Crackers & cheese, chips, dips, Mountain Dew

While they're digesting they'll graze on more food

There's a few more innings before this party ends

Gonna ask next time that they party at their friends'




Love Those Peas Or Else

Parody of "Love And Peace Or Else"


Chow down


Chow down

Chow down

Chow on fresh veggies from the ground

Show some love, not some flack

You're gonna eat and not hold back


Chow down with pleasure

Chow down for your mother

She spent much time

Over stove she hovered

If you value your life

You'd better start

Not making a face

At artichoke hearts


I don't care if you must fake it
Don't be queasy, oh heavens, please
Breaks her heart if you forsake it
You need to decease, decease, decease
Proceed to love those peas!
Love those peas!


Chow down

Chow down, not shun

And you daughters, start trying

And you'll give a damn, sons


Maybe one bite

No one will turn blue

Won't you eat just a few

You'd better not moan

Or the Xbox gets banned

I don't want to see frowns

You've all gained some pounds

So let's all dig in

Hope you're hungry

Spare us the drama

Spare us the drama

Spare us the drama


Love those peas!


Spare us the drama

Spare us the drama

Spare us the drama




As a bonus, you're also welcome to read my Beatles parodies:





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