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Out of Control


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.....and then i read the next few posts to discover son/daughter is in fact a son! lol!


i have 3 kids too, my oldest and youngest are boys. do you have a daughter too? is she in love with bono? is her mom?

sorry... too many questions??

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[quote name='ceallach67 wrote:

barbara1 wrote:

ceallach67 wrote:

1love wrote:

123love']Question is ,sometimes we just have to let go , of what ??


Hes been through a hard time if hes written these lyrics himself..

Exactly!! of what?

Well, he certainly wrote those lyrics himself. And as far as what he'd been through up to that point in his life? Bono's mother had passed away when he was a teenager.  That's pretty traumatic. I Will Follow (among other songs; MOFO, Lemon, Tomorrow as examples) was written about his mother.


The whole song:


Monday morning

Eighteen years dawning

I said how long.

Say how long.

It was one dull morning

I woke the world with bawling

I was so sad

They were so glad.

I had the feeling it was out of control

I was of the opinion it was out of control.

Boys and girls to school

And girls they make children

Not like this one.

I had the feeling it was out of control

I was of the opinion it was out of control.

I was of the feeling it was out of control

I had the opinion it was out of control.

I fought fate

There's blood at the garden gate

The man said childhood

It's in his childhood

One day I'll die

The choice will not be mine

Will it be too late?

You can't fight fate.

I had the feeling it was out of control

I was of the opinion it was out of control.



The lyrics suggest he was 18 when the song was written. I always thought the song was about life and how we can't control the changes and such. Lots of changes and your view of your changing world at 18 can be very overwhelming.

quoting bono in u2 by u2:

it was the morning after my eighteenth birthday i wrote 'out of control'. there's a birthday song for you: objecting to being born. it is funny, it is teenage, i know, but it is an interesting idea for a song. and realizing that you have no say in the two most important things that happen to you: when you arrive and when you depart the planet. 'i was of the feeling it was out of control...'

i'm reéading this book for the very first time, and yes, from this quote its clear bono meant the 'out of control' as in 'not within your own control, out of your hands' just like 1love stated in his/her OP.

Yup, I've read that already myself.  And I wasn't saying 1Love was wrong in any way with the interpretation, I was merely adding to the discussion. I only stated what I had personally thought and felt about the song.. 


Speaking about being wrong....


I just ran across a couple great Bono quotes posted at atu2.com.  Both of them address topics I have been pondering lately.  Here is one of them: 


"They printed out the lyrics 'Monday morning, eighteen years of dawning/I said how long' as 'Monday morning, knitting years of gold' -- which is much better!"  -- Bono, describing a foreign translation of his "Out of Control" lyrics, 1994


So some feel "Out of Control" is about a mad golden knitter.  The foreign country Bono refers to is probably Germany.... Rumpelstiltskin.  As it turns out, Bono is not just a singer, song writer, and prophet, but a fairy tale author too.



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