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Horizon or Breathe Member?


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Hey, got the email today re the pre sale - thanks to all! However it says the following:


"As you've been a U2.com subscriber for a little while now you're part of our 'Breathe Group' of subscribers and we're pleased to offer you an early opportunity in theticketing presale for 'U2360°'.


This e-mail, sent to you as a paid-up 'Horizon Subscriber' of U2.com, contains yourpersonal and unique PRESALE ACCESS CODE DETAILS which will enable you to access the presale for U2 concert tickets before they go on sale to the generalpublic."

The first paragraph is pretty self explanatory, but the second mentions a different group? Can I just confirm what group I'm actually in asit affects that day I can purchase!


'Horizon Subscribers' have access starting on the morning of Day 1 of the presale, 'Breathe Subscribers' have access from the morning of Day 2of the presale and 'Boots Subscribers' have access from mid afternoon on Day 2 of the presale.


HELP!! embarassed.gifembarassed.gifembarassed.gif

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