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I have been asked to pass on the following information to our members

If a subscriber has as issue with the ticket site in that they have been into the presale and cannot continue or their code has expired before completing the transaction, the sub should contact the ticket site CS. They have been made aware of the issue and can assist customer so they can complete their transactions. Their contact information is:



Phone: 132 849



Phone: 0800 TICKETEK



Phone: 136 100 (please hit option 6)


If thei
r code NEVER works or lets them into the presale – ie they have NEVER checked in even once, they can contact the
CS team for help
, the contact information is:

1-800--615-1324 (Inside the US)

+1-916-414-2921 (Outside the US)

or use the Contact Us form found in the top right of HELP PAGE

For those that contact me via the other thread, please be aware you need to contact Customer Service (CS) yourselves, those that have been resolved/re-set have made contact directly with customer service. I have been asked to not send names in, as it bypasses the official CS route, and can create some issues with codes being doubly re-set.

A quick reminder that your code if for ONE transaction for ONE show, for ONE location, on ONE date, for up to 4 (FOUR) tickets of the SAME TYPE. You cannot mix types of tickets. once you purchase a type of tickeet, your code is considered used, even if you only purchased one ticket. Also, some people are having issues with getting expensive seats when they input their code instead of another pricing level, you also need to contact customer service to complete your purchase.

At this time, this is about as much as I can do. I apologize for the delay's, and want you to know we will be analyzing what happen so it does not happen again (ever).

Again, please contact CS of the ticketing agency directly.

Thank you all for your patience and for recognizing that the moderators are NOT CS and are doing their best to help you all




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and the servers go into meltdown, proper Aussie style :)


site will be slow to load for a few hours we anticipate... heavy traffic.


well done Aussies, your wait is over.

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YAY!!! I suppose now I'll have to figure out how to use the presale codes...I'm assuming we'll get sent an email with them? It was ridiculous trying to get tickets for them last time in NZ, the systems kept crashing and they sold out within 5 mins, even though I was 3rd in line where I was....so I'm counting on the presales this time!

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