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Apologies to Baja if it appeared I was having a complaint about her. That was not my intention at all. It is the companies that organise all this stuff and the FAQs that do not give enough info or the fact that Ticketek knows nothing about anything and the fact that I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person who manages my life, my family and my work successfully, and yet can't get clear and simple answers to my questions, about what should be a very simple process.


This is the email I sent 3 times:


I want to know what pre-sale group I belong to eg Cedar? I have never received this information. I also want to know if I will receive an email advising me of a link to follow to get to the pre-sale?


My reply from Live Nation:



Thank you for choosing Live Nation Merchandise. You are in the CEDAR group.


Presale times are:

The presale for the 5 New Zealand and Australian shows begins this week. The times are as follows:

Group 1 (Horizon, Breathe, Magnificent, Boots) - Begins Thurs. 26 Aug. 11AM and ends Mon. Aug. 30 at 12noon.

Group 2 (Cedar) - Begins Mon. 30 Aug. 1PM local and ends Wed. 1 Sept. 12noon.

All times are local.



All new members are in the CEDAR group.


Free members are not eligible for a presale code.


If you are trying to locate your presale code, please refresh the tour page after you have logged in and it will appear there before your presale is due to begin.



See, I asked about an email being sent, and still, there is nothing in the reply about EMAIL, even though I asked a DIRECT QUESTION about it. I am not trying to locate my presale code, I just want to know if there will be an EMAIL directing me TO THE PRE SALE! The frustration level is HUGE!!!!!


I see now that the issue has been resolved by members of this forum, and I am now clear on the process to follow to get my tickets. I thank you for that very much.

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Tomfoolery and Shenanagins indeed! Both phrases don't get bandied about nearly enough in my opinion.

Infact, I'm not sure "bandied about" gets used enough these days either!


Agree totally with Bluehammer. How hard is it to send a group email, when you promised one? So it takes a while for a big group? Start earlier. It's what most people do to meet their deadlines.


All sorted now, text file generated with all links, usernames, passwords, codes etc - got to get wifey to try for tickets on Monday as I'm stuck in a meeting at 1pm.... Fingers crossed.

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Baja just posted this on another thread, I thought I'd repeat it here. This seems to be happening with my account, in theory I still should be able to buy two tickets with one of my codes but I get an "invalid password" error when trying to access the Ticketek sale for Auckland (not that I'm worried, I only need the tickets I've already got).


We have become aware that if you go into the ticketing system and search for seats multiple times your code can become invalid.

It will still show as unused but the ticketing system will reject it as "incorrect or used". Most reports have come from the ticketek system.

Please don't do this, tech informs me that it is very difficult to fix as the error is on the ticketing site and the few people that have experienced this issue have yet to complete their purchase

Any other info will be posted here Presale info updateswith the newer updates posted at the bottom of the thread.

If anything else pops up it will be posted here



So be be safe don't go logging in and out searching for tickets with Ticketek, make your selection and purchase.
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Is there a seating plan of Suncorp Stadium showing the location of the P1-P5 sections?


Will there be an allocation of specific seats for pre-sale or is the whole stadium up for sale during pre-sale?


At the time of buying your ticket will you see the exact location of your seat of will it just be a general section given?



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Has any one else noticed that the time for the Monday presale is listed as 3pm on U2.com now, changed from 1pm?


I have contacted Ticketek, and they assure me it is still 1pm.


I guess I'm going to log on at 1pm still, but the whole searched, but didn't purchase and used the code and now it won't work, etc is still giving me nightmares.

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