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you have to wink.gif *points at new siggy*

I survived the U2.com ticket presales for Elevation 2001, Vertigo 2004/2005, U2360 NA (2009), Europe (2009), NA (2010), Europe (2010), Australia/New Zealand (2010), where's my $1,000,000 ???

Yeah, I reckon you are earning that $1,000,000 Baja  eek.gif
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[quote name='SandSCreative wrote:

afunky wrote:

SandSCreative wrote:

afunky wrote:

afunky']In general I have no problem with people who sell their tickets on auction sites - as long as they start at price that covers their cost of ticket, booking fees and auction success fees and let it run, and the market dictating price. However this is an insult to the fan who will miss out in public sale -EDITED EDITED EDITED 


I really hope no one buys these tickets off him, and a lot of people give him a serve about ethics.


HOLA, we dont allow those links, even if it is for "look at what this jerk is doing" examples - Baja

Sorry Baja was not aware of that rule, no harm intended


Not a problem, basically no ebay, third party ticket sellers, download, file sharing or pictures of the bands families, allowed, & keep it clean (No nudity) - Baja


I don't have a problem with it either ... in general. I do have a problem with 'fans' selling presale tickets on auction sites. It makes a mockery of what fan club membership is all about.


We'll it's fair to say the guy is not really a fan, as he is ripping off other fans, and also depriving a fan from getting tickets at face value when tickets go on public sale.


Trouble is ticket scalping is such a difficult thing to police. I don't think making it harder for fans to buy tickets is the answer. It should be very difficult to sell the things at profit, not to buy them.


Difficult but not impossible, however in order to prevent the auction sites and scalpers of the world from allowing the excessive sales, government almost needs to regulate against it (i.e) make scalping illegal, or criminalise the resale of concert tickets over 1.5 times the face value.  For example if you sold your GA ticket for $140 that would be ok, but if you sold it for $200 it would be illegal.  This recognises the difference between the person with a spare ticket to get rid of, and the professional scalper.


Auction sites will not voluntarily prevent scalping at excessive levels as they take a cut as a success fee.

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My ticketek trasactions finally came through on my visa after 5 days.


I'd had the confirmation emails and everything but not the transactions showing up on my visa statement, I was beginning to worry a little that Ticketek might have stuffed things up ?


No idea where that thought process woudl have come from.wink.gif

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Involving A Current Affair as some people have suggested is interesting. 

We all know how sensationalist and stupid that show is. So presented with the choice of two stories:

Ticket Agencies rip off fans and cause mayhem for loyal U2 followers

Biggest Band in the World treat fans like crap
I wonder which they would go with?


Frankly I wouldn't mind with either as U2.com IS the band's interface with their fans and if it is shit then they're treatment of fans by extension is shit too. But many will not see it that way. 

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First of all - Bajagirl - thanks for your assistance and patience.  Brilliant. wink.gif

I managed to get through to the States on the number provided by Baja and got my code re-set.  I was told that it was only good for one crack at tickets (so basically had to suck up what I got).  Suffice to say that I got nosebleed - but hey, I'm still going right?

All good.  The reason I was in a hurry is that I live in Darwin so no ticketing from here and I fly to Vietnam this arvo and don't think I will be near a computer for the general sale on Friday and can't really expect others to stop their day on my behalf on Friday.

I do recall a similar drama when Genesis tickets went on sale for the the fans.  Never smooth sailing, but at the very least you could 'throw back' the allocated tickets in the hope of getting better ones as many times as you like which I think is more befitting of a fan code.

Anyhoo - I got tickets, not great seats but I'll still be there.

Look forward to seeing some of you there!

Cheers for all the help to a newbie. happy.gif
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apparently this sort of thing ain't new

U2 may have alienated its most loyal fans after a ticket fiasco that left many Chicagoans feeling suckered by the Irish supergroup.


Thousands of fans are complaining that a planned pre-sale for tickets to the May 7 and 9 United Center shows in U2's upcoming Vertigo tour was a scam that left many of them with no tickets or nosebleed seats that cost upward of $165 each.


The problem started a few months back when the group's official fan site -- www.u2.com -- asked members to pay a $40 subscription fee that included a guarantee of priority seating for the upcoming tour. Those who signed up were given a special code to enter at ticketmaster.com on Tuesday, four days before the general public's ticket sale on Saturday.


That code, many fans thought, would give them access to a large block of seats throughout the venue. But many u2.com members say the lower-priced general admission tickets were snapped up in less than a minute, leaving some to wonder why they bothered spending $40 for the pre-sale subscription.




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It is like someone at LiveNation has a major God complex. "If you do not jump through all these hoops and then gratefully accept the one and only tickets that we offer you, you will FAIL!!!!"


Meanwhile, when the sale opens to the general public on Friday, they will come and go on the ticketing sites as they please and pick and choose tickets as they please.


I don't get it.


Has someone not told the people making these decisions "Hey, we actually would like to make these guys that are joining our club happy. We'd quite like them to stay as members, please make everything as easy and pain free as possible for them."


Seems like it is more like "Right! We're gunna get these bastards! Who the eff do they think they are joining our club!"

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