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[quote name='Reid NZ wrote:

Bajagirl']Hi All


Collating the info over here (as bosses in Europe) and will post when I have it. But yes, let me get some sleep this week.


To clarify:


If you have a pre-sale code that starts with 3U2 and used it, you cannot resubscribe and get another code


If you have a pre-sale code that starts with 3U2 and DID NOT use it, you may use this in the upcoming pre-sale


If you have am unused pre-sale code that starts with U2 or 2U2 this means you were a member a while a go, and can renew and extend your membership and get a new code CAVEAT: If you let your membership lapse the new code will be in the CEDAR group

Hi Bajgirl....I have been a member for about 2 and a half years and have 2 codes.  The newer one started with 2U2 (I used that in the first Brisbane presale) and the other starts with just U2 and I have never used it.  Can I confirm that the older one starting with U2 is still valid?  Not sure from the bit I have highlighted above whether that means it is or not as you refer to being able to get a new a new code if members have unused codes starting with U2 or 2U2?   Surely they wouldn't have to if those codes were unused??  Sorry, just a bit confused.

Also,  (probably what is adding to my confusion) is that the used code is still showing in both my account info and on the presale page in the bit with the gold background. Surely if it has been used it shouldn't be showing here now?

Thanks again.....was reading many of the posts last week and you have been seriously awesome and patient with everyone!

Cheers Karen...


Any unused codes may be used for the upcoming pre-sale


At this time I have not received any information indicating that there has been any improvement done on the ticketing systems, so please be aware that at this time, the code time out is still in place.


Members codes can be used for ONE show, up to FOUR tickets, of the same type, purchased in ONE transaction


Codes cannot be split into different types of tickets, or dates or locations.


Your code appears on the TOURS page and on the ACCOUNT INFO page, you do not need the email to purchase your tickets


DO NOT get all stressed, there has ALWAYS been an excess amount of tickets for resale by members (At face value) on this and other fan boards. You will get in, you wont miss out. (e,g, I went to Dublin at the last minute and got into all 3 shows, bought my tickets at face from people I met on here)


More as it comes



Not sure if I am interpreting this wrong but you state  "codes cannot be split into different types of tickets, or dates or locations" but a friend of mine purchased 2 ga tickets + 2 stand tickets for the 1st auckland show using their presale code, they now have the tickets. I was intending on doing the same for the second show using a presale code. Can you confirm whether this is actually possible?


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Is there anywhere i can see a proper seating plan for the melbourne shows? I am going to get tix for the second show and am thinking about seating to get a different perspective than the GA tix i have for the first show.

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