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Really tempted to try for a couple of $40 tickets to the second Auck show, just to get a different perspective on things. By the sounds of what Bluehammer was saying earlier these seats can be pretty good, and for the price of a DVD it feels like it would be a shame to not take up the oppurtunity...

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Just wondering if I will be able to get four RZ tickets for Melbourne Etihad Dec3 in the presale (if I'm lucky). I couldn't get to use my two codes in the first presale. I remember baja saying you had to telephone Ticketmater as they only limit RZ tix purchases to two. Or should I just try two transactions. I don't want to get two RZ tix online then miss out on the other two for the kids while I'm trying to get through on the 'phone. Don't know what to do....................


I have asked about Red Zone and have not been given any new information. As for last presale, if you want 4 tickets, call and buy all 4 via phone-Baja

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Thanks Sarhaus for the corrections ...



Hate to throw a spanner in the works, but I bought a P3 for my brother at ANZ and it's in Section 605 Row 1 Seat 24.


Bummed out that I bought P2 within 2 minutes of the start of the first pre-sale and got 110-1 Row 26 and yet last Friday on the public sale section 107-1 was coming up for P2, must have been changed from P1 maybe ie the back end of the P1 section changed to avoid empty seats ??

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