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[quote name='Bajagirl wrote:

Lemonhead wrote:

bigwave']As Baja has pointed out its not possible to guarantee anything, but past few Presales have shown that Paid Members have, in the main been able to get tickets.

I understand there needs to be some kind of official disclaimer by you Mods and the Site Admins, but has that actually happened? I can't recall any venue selling out before general release.

Yup, Toronto, Dublin and NYC tickets flew out the window. Most members want the Dub's show, and the others had incredibly high demand. It happens


Wow, I never realised that. Amazing really for Dublin as there were three shows and only one set of codes for Members (so not possible to buy 8 tickets). Even more surprising considering the amount of tickets available in Dublin that weekend selling under face value.

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for those trying to renew today for second presale code, this might explain why not:

from FAQs -


The opportunity to extend a subscription for a further 12 months and receive a second presale access code only applies to those who were already paid-up Subscribers before April 17th 2009 when the 2009 ticketing presales ended).


Apologies if this question has been asked before. Just trying to get answers and have not heard back from Customer Services .I am a Boots subscriber (paid up before April 17th 2009) and used my presale access code to purchase tickets for the concert in London last year (2009 access code). I have now moved to Oz and have resubscribed yesterday after finding out about the Oz concerts.. In My Account Info it says that I have used my presale access code. I find this confusing. Will I not get an presale access code for the 2010 concerts despite renewing my subscription? It will be annoying if this is the case as new subscribers are getting presale access codes for 2010. If anyone can help with this, I would appreciate it. 

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