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hey mickster!


jay z seems a funny choice! (sarah can use this as an excuse to vote me off in the vote off thread hahahaha) but i dont dig his music. i know alot of people who rave on about him. yeah respect to him as an artist, but im not that into his songs.


talking about hip hop, where is that hip hop album bono!


u2 should release an aussie show on dvd next! can see the set lists being bomb! (ok im trying to get sarah's vote in the vote off thread, but doubt it will work he he he)


but seriously they should release a dvd of 360 in the land of oz!


I'm tempted Mac but its your turn for a vote today and not even blasphemy such as this is changing my mind.


Never interested in hearing Bono rap...altho I do like the wee MOS rap addition. 


I'm a long time fan of Jay Z.  Did you know he doesn't write his songs down?  He memorizes them and never writes down the lyrics?  He's a talent and he just gets better as he goes.  I am so so so so so happy about this I just can't get over it.  Will be the best shows of the whole tour, I am positive of it.

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This is so awesome, I sobbed my little heart out in excitement when I heard they were coming back. I was a bit bummed there was no Adelaide dates until I realised... that means I get a HOLIDAY IN SYDNEY. Hells yeah!!!


Anyone see 'em last night on the 7:30 Project?


Damn the boys look good.


I am so glad I put myself into tour isolation like I did with the last one, once I have seen them, then I will watch the DVD, but I want to see the tour the first time, myself.

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OK - dumb question time. Signed up yesterday, and was informed would be in the 4th priority group in the presale. Sweet. Now presale info is up, and it is saying that new subscribers are in the 5th group? Does that mean I am in the 4th, or the 5th group?


Also received an email link to "confirm my community email address: - but the link doesn't appear to work! Oh noes...

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Will Red Zone tix be in the pre-sale? Just wondering if it's worth splashing out? Will have wife and two teens with me. Don't think they want to queue and stand all day in the crush or sit five miles back in the stands. But it's pricey for four tickets. :(

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