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There is now more info up on the presale page, curious to find out if there is still a staggered presale for those in group 1 (i.e. Horizon first in etc): 


The presale for the 5 New Zealand and Australian shows begins this week. The times are as follows:

Group 1 (Horizon, Breathe, Magnificent, Boots) - Begins Thurs. 26 Aug. 11AM and ends Mon. Aug. 30 at 12noon.

Group 2 (Cedar) - Begins Mon. 30 Aug. 1PM local and ends Wed. 1 Sept. 12noon.

All times are local.


The public onsale begins Friday 3 Sept. 9AM local.


NB - The FAQs will be updated shortly.

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To the mods for passing on to the site managers: not sure that changing the site style was a good idea during AUS/NZ daylight hours (as much as I'm sure the time fits in nicely for much of the rest of the world, many people are trying to get info now in AUS/NZ and it just looks unprofessional). indifferent.gif

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So is that 11am NZ time, which would make it about 5am in Perth? Or is that 11am in NZ, then 11am eastern states, then 11am in WA?

It says "All times are local." so I presume it'll be 11am in NZ, then 11am in the Aussie states. laugh.gif That would of course mean that if you're in Australia and wanted NZ tickets you'd want to be checking the NZ ticketek link at 11am NZT, and vice versa.
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At Popmart and Vertigo I was front row. :) Awesome time. But this time, my wife is pregant, and when U2 are playing in Melb in December she will be only 4 weeks away from her delivery date :) So the option of lining up all day and standing in GA is not an option, so we need to go seated. Trouble is, presales is this week but I have no idea what the seating arrangements at Etihad is going to be..... anyone have an idea??

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