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YES!!! I'm there!!! Just have to pick which one I want to go to. I've already been to Melbourne this year, but I'm thinking either Brisbane or Perth. Never been to Perth.


If I sign up to an upgraded account will I have my code in time for the presales???

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God, I hope ticketmasters webservers can handle the jandle this time round!!


Sorry if I sound daft, but I've already got a 2010 presale code - is this just for the European tours? Or do we get sent another one for the NZ/AUS tour?


I suppose it doesn't matter, as long as I get that magic email!

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Yeh same here KyraO,

Can someone give us a brief run down to all the pre sale virgins like me on what the steps are to get some tickets smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif

Very happy this time round don't have to wait in line in the early hours of the morning!!!!

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Hi there!!!


I just wanted to respond to your question about the receival of passowrd for presales. I just subscribed as a paying member and received my password immediately. So it is well worth it if you plan on getting some decent seats!!


OMG sooo excited!! :)

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