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I have just read further back in this web feed to see that there will be a pre-sales email / info posted to this site this week. Im gathering that being a paying member we would receive an email to confirm details? im not sure i havent ever been a paying member of any online fanclubs!!

All i can say is that i will be absolutely devistated if i dont get tickets for this tour!!

GOODLUCK Everybody!!! happy.gif
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Oh my lord - thank you, thank you, thank you. Irish 40 something year old now in NZ who bopped to the boys first single in Mount Merrion teenage discos, enjoyed the Rock 'n Hockey nights, helped my Dad ice Bono's Christmas cake (don't ask!) and have convinced my 8 year old that U2 ARE better than Taylor Swift (!)... I'm so happy.


Not looking for any sympathy here but have recently been told I don't have much longer left on the planet and in answer to one of my friends asking was there stuff I wanted to do... my answer was to go to another U2 concert!! The credit cards aren't healthy after a recent trip back home but I don't care!! All I have to do is make sure I'm healthy enough to go in November!!


What a buzz this news has given me!! Just the medicine I needed!

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pre sale will be easy everyone so dont stress - my advice is make sure you read these threads properly as all the info will be in here and saves everyone posting the same info a hundred times.


Also make sure you have set up an account with Ticketmaster AND Ticketek beforehand ie now.

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