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Hmm, trying to decide whther to have a crack at the red zone.....what does everyone think??


I'm trying to decide too. I'm worried red zone tickets might all go in group 1 presales though (I'm Cedar).


Does anyone know how many red zone tickets are available for Auckland?

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[quote name='one_bad_lemon wrote:

BigBunny wrote:

Mortifi']TICKET LIMIT: 4 ticket per city per member


is that also per code, i.e. member has 2 valid codes, thus 4(or less) tix allowed for each code to be used for 1 show/city only




still can be used for same city, so in effect 2 separate transactions for same show/city per member if they have 2 presale codes ?


e.g. I have 8 family members to buy for PERTH and 2 valid codes, can I do this? I understand they need to be done separate transactions/codes at 4 tix each code/transaction

you can use 1 code for 4 tix
- that's it. you can't reuse it for another city/show etc. 1 code = 4 tickets for the whole tour


I think because the member has 2 valid codes, hence the question is whether they can use 2nd code for same city/show as that of the 1st code (not reusing 1st code)

I would hope so, as why bother providing 2 codes to members (?)

maybe it should read as -

TICKET LIMIT: 4 ticket per city per member presale access code


Well Im planning on trying that, 4 in 1 transaction using my cc and my ticketek account and then 3 in another transaction using my wife's CC and ticketek account ie 2 seperate trans.

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