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Baja, do you have a seating plan for Sydney? Nothing on Ticketek.


Also, can we do it directly through Ticketek site, or do we need to click through from u2.com?


No,yes, its better - Baja

Thanks.  Very annoying not having a seating plan and having to guess the zones.  Wouldn't really matter in a smaller stadium but ANZ is huge so mid price zones might be very high.

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Just got my U2 pre-sale email, only 45 minutes after the pre-sale started in NZ wink.gif. Does anyone think we'll get an explanation as to why the pre-sale was so different to other areas of the world? Personally my guess is that the promoters looked at how many people have memberships in NZ/AUS and decided that a full pre-sale wasn't warranted (i.e. there are probably only a few hundred paid up members in NZ, a few thousand in AUS, so why bother holding a staggered pre-sale).

It's also a pity that the Mods were never given the full story before pre-sales started, just added to the stress for those of us looking for a complete picture.


No clue, but its possible, and agree *sobs* - Baja

Have a hug, we're generally an understanding lot down-under smile.gif - bsd1
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but its hard with seatin plans am i completly wrong there i most likely am

Plus the sydney plan doesn't show the pricing plan zones like the NZ one does.


Maybe we assume it is similar to the NZ one

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