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[quote name='Bajagirl wrote:

Nniixx wrote:

bsd1 wrote:

Nniixx wrote:

aclemo wrote:

matthewaniea']Your code can be used more than once . It worked for me.

please tell us more?  How did this work? Where had you previously used your code?  Thanks very much - and sorry for the 3rd degree!!


Yes please do.

With the NZ pre-sale the code gives access to buy tickets and then you are restricted to 4 tickets based on your ticketek ...

So if you have multiple ticketek account and CC you could scam the system a bit ?


Scalpers will have a field day.



We canceled ALL orders of people that did that

Good job

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[quote name='Bajagirl wrote:

received an email?

Both links on the presale page take me to the same ticketet.co.nz page (Fanclub Group A) - which states:

Pre-sale starts
Thu 26 Aug, 11am
Pre-sale ends*
Mon 30 Aug, noon
General public on sale
Fri 3 Sep, 9am

I'm in Cedar (this is based on the N/A showing in my priority group, although this contradicts what I was told when I initially joined (which was ) - so perhaps won't receive an email until Monday?


I guess I'll just try my code at 11am (which is only 100 minutes away now). What's the worst that can happen?

Your code shows used. If you jsut joined (after August 22) you are CEDAR, if your groups shows as N/A you are CEDAR

Hi Baja - cheers for all your help getting through this! One final question for you: you said above that "your code shows as used". I assume this is scottdhopkins's code, not mine (that was me who posted that, but appeared as scottdhopkins). I have a 3U2E... code, so assume it is not possible that mine has been used yet!


Thanks again, your efforts are appreciated.


I meant it could show as used, cause he said whats the worst that could happen-Baja

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got tickets can now calm donw & hope fully resume decent spelling see you in sydney boys now bring on second gig

doing happy dance * sreaming my 4year old is lookig at me very strangley so happy hope to meet some of you there

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Is there a Cedar presale or not? I joined before the FAQ and my position seems to have changed 45 times over the past few days. My password is definitely not being accepted at the moment and it starts with a 3.\



You joined on Aug 23, you are a CEDAR, your presale starts on Aug 30th-Baja

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