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Disappearing Act


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[quote name='Coquelicot wrote:

SoniaLaStrega']I love this song. I can remember at the time it came out, Neil McCormick said something about the vocals being new. I guess he'd probably know.


 i agree  me also 

 it is a particular song

    a original song .

By the way not heard often on radio....




you wont hear it on the radio, because its not a single. and never was.

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Didnt they do this in the UF sessions then rework it again for the release of the UF remaster?.


Yes, like Mac said.  You can tell the basic sound of the song, Edge's guitar have the UF sound, but Bono's vocals are very recent.

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yeah its a pretty good one. i had heard it back when the UF reissue came out but hadnt gotten a copy. forgot about it. finally came across it again, quite brilliant



i also love bono singing the Unforgettable fire these days, cause of his voice


and edge's refined guitar effects and delays



pretty awesome mix of Mercy and Sort of Homecoming almost


Yeah, it does kind of sound like a cross between Mercy and SOH.

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