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Hi! to all the Italians.
We are creating a project called "Where is...?". It was initiated to try to take U2 away from their usual static play list and put into their shows those other songs that are hardly ever or never played: Exit, Heartland, Walk to the Water, Zooropa, Acrobat, God Part 2, Drowning Man, Gloria, Mofo, Please etc.
We just need to make a short video (three or four seconds) of you holding a poster/placard with "Where is" and the name of a song. For example; "Where is Exit?"; "Where is Walk on the Water?"; "Where is Acrobat?". It doesn't matter where you are...in a cafe, on the beach or at home. You could be lucky enough to have a good view, nice scenery or a good cityscape - even in the shower!
With a little effort we can make the U2 fans heard all over the world from Japan to Brazil and from Ireland to Canada so that the video can then be sent to the media and of course u2.com. Surely the message will get to Bono and he will understand that the true fans of many a year are hoping for a gift never before conceded.
Please send video clips to edge74lu@gmail.com
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