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What Songs do you want to hear at Australia Concerts???

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I am hanning for any thing they want to dish up to us but dont want sbs or bullet.

but would espically love Babyface,Bad,Runnig to stand still,a day with out me.two hearts beats as one,breath

I could go on for ever,& so would they

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setlist? --- Space Oddity



Return of the stingray guitar (house lights on, Bono not on stage)

**lights off**

Fez over PA (edge sings "Let me in the sound" bit the two times)/

Being born (enter Bono, band playing)

Unknown Caller


Electric Co

Beautiful Day -- with 2009 intro again

Miracle Drug

Every Breaking Wave

**transition straight into**

The Fly (cause EBW sounds just like Elevation Boston Fly intro)


When I Look At the World




Still Havent Found

Sunday Bloody Sunday (maybe Love and Peace some nights)

One Tree Hill (in NZ) Sometimes you cant make it or Moment of S (in Oz)



Get On Your Boots (fish Out of water. intro over PA, band starts when lyrics come in)



UV (or Gone for a few nights)

Disappearing Act






think thats pretty rocking for the band i think


wouldnt mind that being the static setlist at all.



gone works too with the laser jacket (suit of lies?)

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